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15 December 2010 Education. National Technical University "KPI"

Group DF And Kiev Polytechnic Institute Agree To Cooperate

Group DF, Dmitry Firtash’s group of companies and the National Technical University Kiev Polytechnic Institute will cooperate to achieve higher quality of graduates’ qualification, assist in their employment and introduce new technical developments and innovations in industrial operation. A respective Memorandum On Strategic Cooperation was signed by Mr. Dmitry Firtash, Head of the Board of Directors of Group DF and Mr. Mikhail Zgurovsky, President of Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI).
According to the signed document, Group DF will also assist in upgrading the University’s technical and material assets.
The University is eager to offer retraining and professional upgrade opportunities for companies employees. KPI will organize research activities tailored to Group DF needs facilitating the search for innovative approaches to addressing practical challenges faced by industrial enterprises.
“The total number of R&D activities in Ukraine is steadily growing year in year out, while the proportion of implemented innovations in the overall production breakdown keeps shrinking. Last year, as little as only 5 percent of the innovative proposals were implemented at enterprises,” said Mr. Firtash. He also added that enterprises being part of his Group DF are interested in introducing advanced technologies and original engineering solutions in order to expand their products range, improve quality and minimize energy consumption.
“Professionals training and advanced technologies implementation is a key to the growth of competitiveness of Ukraine’s companies and economy at large,” stated Mr. Zgurovsky. According to him, Ukraine features high scientific potential and is bound to realize it in cooperation with industries.


The National Technical University KPI is a leading higher learning institution of Ukraine and Europe. It comprises 18 departments, 8 educational institutions, 12 R&D organizations and 14 training centers. The University provides Bachelor’s degree education along the lines of 125 specialties. The faculty counts 10 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 260 professors, doctors of sciences, over 1,250 assistant professors and candidates of sciences. More than 30 thousand students go to the University.
Group DF (The Firtash group of companies) is one of Europe’s largest investment and industrial groups including industries and companies operating in the chemical, energy and real estate sectors and collectively employing over 26 thousand workers. Annually, more than 100 employees get referred to vocational training institutions and to universities for further education while several thousand workers attend retraining and professional upgrade courses.