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Dmitry Firtash

Dmitry V. Firtash – a Ukrainian businessman, investor, philanthropist, the Chairman of the Group DF Supervisory Council.

Over the last 15 years, Dmitry Firtash has become one of the leading investors in the power sector and chemical industry in Central and Eastern Europe. His plants and companies are present in Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Tajikistan, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and Estonia. The international group of companies Group DF (‘The Firtash group of companies’) founded by Mr. Firtash in 2007 consolidates assets in the chemical industry, power sector and real estate.
Dmitry Firtash is one of Ukraine’s leading philanthropists providing systemic support to education, science, theaters, museums, historical, cultural and humanitarian projects. Mr. Firtash’s enterprises have been promoting the social and economic development of municipalities where they are based.
“I have always argued that the company’s name and the building in which it is based does not matter nearly as much as the actual people, who make the real difference. My value is the people. Without the people, without the team you can’t make it happen,” says Mr. Firtash.