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16 October 2013 Charity

Holodomor Memorial To Be Erected In Washington D.C

The Chairman of the Group DF Supervisory Council Dmitry Firtash provided a donation of $2.5 million in support of the commitments associated with the construction of the Holodomor Memorial. The construction of the “Field of Wheat” design by architect Larysa Kurylas for the Memorial will start in 2014.
In 2006 the American government issued federal approval of the Memorial project elaboration. The U.S. Holodomor Committee, in close cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA, and the National Park Service (NPS) developed the concept of the project.
As of October 1, 2013, the National Park Service has issued the Embassy of Ukraine a construction permit to begin the construction of the “Field of Wheat” design by architect Larysa Kurylas for the Holodomor Memorial. The endowment, matching projected building costs, along with all federal agency approvals, was necessary prior to obtaining the construction permit. Mr. Firtash’s donation finalized the completion of this mandate.
“Due to the Committee’s work and endeavors of many committed people, the Memorial will be erected in Washington D.C. It will be a compelling reminder of the tragic chapter in Ukraine’s history for modern and future generations. Many Ukrainians surviving the famine immigrated to the United States of America. This country became their home. The Memorial dedicated to the Holodomor victims is a tribute to this great country that opened its doors to so many Ukrainians. Their children – our fellow-nationals – are a large, prosperous and valued part of American society”, – said Dmitry Firtash.
U.S. Holodomor Committee Chairman Michael Sawkiw, Jr. commented on Mr. Firtash's tremendously generous donation: “We are truly grateful for Mr. Firtash's generosity and commitment to the building of a memorial in Washington, DC that will educate and inform thousands of people about a forgotten chapter in world history. Having worked on this issue for many years, this project would not have been successful without Mr. Firtash’s keen awareness and dedication to seeing this project completed. The community commends Mr. Firtash for this memorable deed and act of charity.”